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Why Therapy?

Why Therapy?

Therapy feels like a loaded word. A word that is not often used in our social circles, or if it is, it’s used in an insult or with a negative connotation.

Many people think of the stereotypical couch and chair, the deep questions into your childhood, the relationship with your mother and so on. “And how do you feel about that”, an old man in glasses will ask, writing profusely in his notebook and only looking up at you to stare intensely.

Therapy is nothing like that. 

Forget everything you know about therapy, the reasons one may go to therapy and what you think you will get out of it. And let’s start fresh. 

The Essence of Therapy: Nurturing Self-Exploration and Emotional Processing

Therapy is a safe space where you can sort out your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental space. It is a place to become a better you, get closer to who you are and as a result get closer to Your Creator. 

Therapy is a place to sort through the suffering and look for the beacon of growth; a place to understand what makes you who you are and how to grow from there. 

Therapy is growth. Here you are learning about yourself and the way you see the world.

When you take the first step towards making an appointment with a therapist, you are taking the first step towards knowing yourself.

Exploring the Metaphor of the Dark Cave and the Therapist's Role as a Guide

Imagine you are going through a dark cave. It is scary to go through that cave by yourself.

Now imagine you bring along a friend with you that wasn’t scared of what was hiding in the cave, and they came with a bright flashlight. They are behind you, holding the light so you can lead the way. The person holding the flashlight is your therapist.

They are following and you are leading, but with the safety and comfort of the flashlight you are able to discover what is in the dark cave (yourself, your soul or mind).

With the comfort of the flashlight, and the person there holding it, you can feel brave to take on those thoughts and to get to know the deepest part of you.

Why Therapy?

“O you have faith! Take care of your own souls. Those who are astray cannot hurt you if you are guided…” (Sūrah al-Māʾidah (5), Verse 105)

Embracing Therapy as a Pathway to Self-Discovery and Spiritual Growth

Allah (swt) has encouraged us to know and take care of our souls. To understand the soul is to go into deep reflection of self.

In fact the root word in psychology, psyche means soul. So psychology is really a study of your soul. And when we look at it this way, it is our responsibility to really take care of our mind AND body. 

“He who truly knows himself has known his Lord” The steps toward knowing Allah (swt) start with knowing yourself. 

Find out more about therapy using the Kisa Therapy Clinic 15-minute free consultation. 

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