If you are in crisis, please call the suicide and crisis hotline at 988. For other emergencies, please call 911 or visit your nearest hospital.

Who We Are

Kisa Therapy Clinic | Who We Are

Kisa Therapy Clinic is a safe space for a
happier & healthier you

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the community with faith-based, professional, accessible, and affordable mental healthcare in partnership with scholars and therapists, that aligns with the teachings of Qurʾān  and Ahl al-lbayt (ʿa).

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously provide faith-based, professional, accessible, and affordable mental healthcare globally. 

Kisa Therapy Clinic aims to provide services and resources to educate, empower, and build awareness around the mental health needs of the Muslim community.

Kisa Therapy Clinic | Who We Are

We are a team of qualified and trained therapists who are striving to bring a more holistic approach to psychotherapy treatment by understanding and conceptualizing mental health and wellness through a faith-based lens.

We provide professional, accessible, confidential, and affordable mental healthcare along with treatment, we also educate our communities on specific issues within the field of mental health to work towards healthier, stronger communities, inshā’Allāh.

To provide holistic mental health support to individuals (and subsequently the community at large)

To have the tools to be successful in this world and the next, so that our families can learn to combat problems and heal stronger.

To create a safe and non-judgemental space that allows you to:

  •  Come as your own authentic self

  • Explore and understand yourself better, uncover your patterns, learn how to navigate your responses and reframe behaviour

  • Feel empowered as you work through your
    challenges and deep-held feelings

  • Bring clarity to your life and the relationships you have with yourself, others and Allah (swt)
Kisa Therapy Clinic | Our Purpose
Kisa Therapy Clinic | Our Approach

We believe in building relationships and meeting you where you are in your life

There are millions of Muslims around the world and there is a dire lack of mental health care from an Islamic perspective. 

We bring our shared deep experience together so you can feel safe and at peace knowing that your treatment comes from a place of respect, compassion and integrity.

Our approach is compassionate, trauma-informed, culturally, spiritually and linguistically appropriate and empowering.

Kis Therapy Clinic

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