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Sukaina Bhojani


Ontario, Canada


South Asian


Urdu, Hindi, and English

Who I help

Teenagers, Adults,
Individual, and Family

What I help with

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, Childhood issues, Addiction, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anger Management, Coping skills, Attachment issues, Settlement issues

My Approach

Trauma Informed Counselling and Attachment based Therapy

Special Trainings

Trauma Informed Counselling

Anxiety Disorders

Addiction and Mental Health

Attachment based Therapy

Books I Recommend

  1. The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.
  2.  The 5 love Languages by Gary Chapman
  3. The book you wish your parents had read (and your children will be glad you read) by Philippa Perry

About Me

Salāmun ʿAlaykum!

I am Sukaina Bhojani, a Registered Psychotherapist. I am a compassionate and dedicated professional with a background in counseling from the University of Cambridge, UK, and additional training from Canada.

My journey into psychotherapy was sparked by a personal experience that revealed the profound benefits of counseling. This led me to pursue formal education and make counseling my career. I adopt an integrative approach with a trauma-informed perspective to assist adults and teenagers in navigating life’s challenges.

I am a mother of two energetic boys, cherishing spending time outdoors, walking in nature, and finding solace in its serenity.

Blogs I have written

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