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Collective and Vicarious Trauma

“We have learned the lessons of martyrdom and defending the truth from Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa)… Palestine has endured 75 years of oppression. Since that day, the blood of Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) continues to flow on this land. The blood of Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) was shed on the soil of Iraq, and today the Palestinian fields are soaked with the blood of their champions…

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What is Regulation?

What is Regulation? Think of regulation as a balance in your body, a sense of calm and stability. To understand regulation, one must understand the way our brain interprets the world, and to do that one must look at the

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Post-Pandemic Challenges Among Children and Adolescents

Post-Pandemic Challenges Among Children and Adolescents Children and adolescents continue to face challenges due to the ongoing health, economic, and social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. This demographic has been uniquely impacted by the pandemic, having experienced this crisis during

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