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Mariam Zehra Ali AMFT Licensed therapist in California

Mariam Zehra Ali


California, USA


South Asian


English, Urdu and Hindi.

Who I help

Adults, children, and families

What I help with

Family systems, trauma, individual growth and self-esteem, anxiety and depression

About Me

Salāmun ʿAlaykum!

I’m an associate marriage and family therapist. I graduated from Santa Clara University with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and I completed my Bachelor’s in Psychology from Rutgers university in New Jersey.

I like to utilize a relational approach to help clients discover their inner strengths and resilience. I also believe in the family systems theory, as every individual is a part of the family unit. My previous experience has taught me to provide a safe space for clients to explore the challenges that elementary students experience as well as the survivors of domestic abuse face in their daily lives. I have also helped clients with trauma and self esteem issues. 

I was born and raised in India and I have a deep understanding of the cultural nuances that play a key role in therapy. In my free time I love reading, writing, cooking and spending time with her friends. I also volunteer in the community, whenever there is an opportunity.

Blogs I have written

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