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Author name: Laila Khan, AMFT

Laila is an associate marriage and family therapist. She graduated from Palo Alto University with a Masters in counseling. Her bachelors is in Psychology with a minor in Gender Studies from Dominican University of California. She mostly relates to existential and person-centered therapy. She truly believes in the healing power of a therapeutic relationship and the understanding and growth one can get from understanding their “suffering”. Her previous experience has given her strength in working with elderly, mothers, and adults especially in areas of transitions, grief, loss and understanding your authentic self. Laila was born and raised in California and is a wife, baker, poet and also a mother to an energetic 4 year old daughter. She is the operations director for Kisa Family.

Why Therapy?

Why Therapy?

Why Therapy? Therapy feels like a loaded word. A word that is not often used in our social circles, or if it is, it’s used in an insult or with a negative connotation. Many people think of the stereotypical couch and chair, the deep questions into your childhood, the relationship with your mother and so

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